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I’ve been gaming my whole life—I was big on Fortress America, Axis & Allies and Shogun growing up along with a D&D game called Mertwig’s Maze—and now I'm a part of multiple game groups in the Chicagoland area.  Some of my current favorites include City of the Big Shoulders, Tiletum, Luxor, Beyond the Sun, Arcadia Quest, Gimme That!, Carnegie, and Vinhos: Deluxe Edition. Offline, I am a diversity, equity and inclusion specialist with experience building community in the tech and legal fields. I often represent Meeple Mountain at tabletop conventions, I wrote over 150 articles in 2022, and I've had the chance to appear on a number of podcasts including The Tabletop Merchant Podcast, Board Game Times, Tabletop Submarine, and currently as a regular contributor on The Five By. I love chatting with others who have a passion for the hobby!

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