Crowdfunding Roundup

Welcome to Meeple Mountain's Crowdfunding Roundup. Below you'll find the best board game crowdfunding campaigns on the internet, by some of the best board game publishers around. The campaigns listed below are displayed in order of end date, the closer to the top, the more important is is for you to check them out.

Tabletop SPIRIT Magazine Season 1

Tabletop SPIRIT Magazine may be gaming’s best kept secret, despite the fact we’ve been going for 5 years and produced 20 issues since 2018, all free.


Fox-themed Euro-style strategy game. Unique design with worker placement, territories exploration, resource and dice management.

Carson City Big Box

The Carson City Big Box edition is a complete collection including all expansions and an all new solo mode.

Asteroid Dice

Throw, roll and dodge giant squishy foam dice in this cosmic game! You will need strategy, speed and skill for space supremacy.


THE LAB is a competitive card game for 3 to 6 players in which you will be faced with some of the most dangerous microorganisms in existence.

AEG Expansion Extravaganza

New Expansions for 4 of our most popular games: Space Base, War Chest, Tiny Towns, and Cubitos! Plus deals on everything else!


Become the new Unicorn Startup in Silicon Valley! A fully asymmetric economic boardgame with worker placement and card-driven mechanics

The Last Spell - The Board Game

Fight shoulder to shoulder with your friends in this exciting and innovative coop 2-4 player rogue-like RPG with a tower defense twist!

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood of Venice - Apocalypse

Don't miss another chance to get the legendary Assassin's Creed board game. Explore, infiltrate, assassinate!

A new collection of 3 Print and Play games

A new great collection of 3 Print and Play, Roll and Write games

Command of Nature

An immersive, deck-building tabletop game from the creators of Here to Slay and Casting Shadows

Filler Gaming Storage System

Board games spend most of the time on the shelf and that is why our collections must look great everyday. This storage system homogenizes and organize

Check out our review!

French Quarter

French Quarter: A let the good times roll and write game! From the designers of Fleet TDG, Three Sisters, and Motor City.

Roll on the Range - PNP Roll & Draw Game

A fun print at home roll and draw game for 1-4 ranchers. Designed and illustrated by Danny Devine.

Check out our review!


This 2-4 Player game is finally coming to the USA! Michael Kiesling designed Azul and many other top-notch games! The wait is over!

Dice Cubes: Fidget, Roll, Spin, & Play your way!!

Precision machined from Solid Metals, Dice cubes are a perfect companion for Fidgeting, RPG, DND and tabletop games.

Micro Architects

Plan and build a sprawling MICRO metropolis!

Hidden Ark

A beautiful illustrated strategy board game about saving endangered fish species and making a difference!

Monsters of Loch Lomond

Enter the world of Scottish mythology and free your clan from legendary monsters while you outwit rivalling clans in this thrilling card game.

Stroganov: Turukhan

An expansion with four modules and a Big Box for the acclaimed strategy board game Stroganov by Andreas Steding.

Tank Chess (reprint)

Outsmart your opponent and destroy their forces in this diceless tactical tank battle game!


Thiefdom is a highly interactive thematic pick-up & deliver euro game for 1-4 players.

Check out our review!

Chroma Mix

Chroma Mix is an engine building game about color theory (CMYK).

Adventure Party: The Role-Playing Party Game

Part guessing game, part role-playing adventure. Guess their roll based on the description of their character's success.

Check out our review!


Loam is a set-matching strategy game about building healthy soils. You are a plant, who for obvious reasons is into that sort of thing.

Roll For Your Life

Roll For Your Life is the character creation and world building activity book that comes to life with the roll of a die!

Badland Rivals

A Push-Your-Luck Adventure Card Game For 2-3 Players

MINI PLAKKS | Flicking board game to challenge everyone

Score goals with your fingers and make epic saves! Use your skills and strategy to compete against your family and friends⚽️👌

Railway Rush

The pocket sized card game for every journey! Don't miss your train!

Check out our review!

Crossbows & Catapults

Crossbows and Catapults is a restoration of the 1983 classic game of kinetic warfare. Legendary builds, epic destruction.

Triangle Agency, Paranormal Investigation TTRPG

Clock in to work and protect the world in this game of paranormal abilities, corporate horror, and dangerous Anomalies.


Collect resources and breed rabbits in this puzzly abstract game with gorgeous unique artwork.

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