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The Meeple Mountain writing includes four published authors (Andy, Dietrich, Tom, KM), five game designers (Gary, Thomas, Logan, Kurt, Robert), as well as experience in video, music, data science, and software engineering. This incredibly diverse skill set means that we can produce interesting and compelling content across a wide spectrum of the tabletop gaming industry.

Meeple Mountain prides itself on unique content not found anywhere else in board game media. Asking questions about tiebreakers, helping your kids become better gamers, improving your RPG experience with “fantasy foods”, and even celebrations of the 10th anniversary of the hit show TableTop, and the 20th anniversary of Carcassonne. We’ve also had interviews with well known designers like Alexander Pfister, Phil Walker-Harding, editorial content which ponders if legacy games are the future board gaming, narrative articles like our story review of Daxu or Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft, scientific articles using Kickstarter data to make predictive analysis about future campaigns, and even tongue in cheek pieces which ask “If Board Games Were Rock Bands“.

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Andy Matthews headshot

Andy Matthews – Editor in Chief, Founder

Founder of Meeple Mountain, editor of, software engineer, and published author. Father of 4, husband to 1, lover of games, books, and movies, and all around nice guy. I run Nashville Game Night, and Nashville Tabletop Day. You can reach me on twitter @commadelimited, or by email

Associate Editors

Andrew Holmes headshot

Andrew Holmes

Andrew Holmes is a husband, father, scientist, poet and, of course, gamer who lives in Wales, works in England and owns a Scottish rugby shirt. He has never passed up a challenge to play Carcassonne.

David McMillan headshot

David McMillan

IT support specialist by day, Minecrafter by night; I always find time for board gaming. When it comes to games, I prefer the heavier euro-game fare. Uwe Rosenburg is my personal hero with Stefan Feld coming in as a close second. You can reach me on twitter, @FeldFreak or by email

Ian Howard headshot

Ian Howard

I am a stay-at-home dad with a background in academic libraries. Gaming and writing are two of my major passions, but I also enjoy watching hockey, hiking and traveling. I currently live in the Nashville area.

Tom Franklin headshot

Tom Franklin

By day, I’m a mild-mannered IT Manager with a slight attitude. By night I play guitar, board games, watch British TV, and actively avoid writing my next novel. My wife and I live near Raleigh, NC and are staff to five fine cats.

Current Contributors

Andrew Lynch

Andrew Lynch

Andrew Lynch was a very poor loser as a child. He’s working on it.

Bob Pazehoski, Jr.

Bob Pazehoski, Jr.

On any given day, I am a husband and father of five. I read obsessively and, occasionally, I write stories of varying length, quality, and metrical structure. As often as possible, I enjoy sitting down to the table for a game with friends and family. I’m happy to trumpet Everdell, in all its charm and glory, as the insurmountable favorite of my collection.

Brody Sheard headshot

Brody Sheard

Brody is a Nurse Practitioner who loves board games. He is currently trying to grow the board game hobby in the small town where he currently lives in Nebraska. He is a father of 2, a husband, a runner, loves watching football, and he always has to be doing a project of some sort.

Jonathan Elder headshot

Jonathan Elder

Jonathan has spent over 15 years in the ministry serving families with youth and children. During this time he found and developed a love for gaming. He enjoys all sorts of board games and RPG games. The social aspect is his favorite part of gaming. Jonathan really enjoys teaching games and introducing people to new games and the hobby in general. He’s trying his best to raise his two young daughters in the love of gaming, too.

Justin Bell

Justin Bell

Gamer / husband / dad / DEI champion / foodie / hoop head / cinephile / travel enthusiast. If you’re in Chicago, let’s meet up and roll some dice!

Ly-ann Tan Low headshot

Ly-ann Tan Low

Ly-ann is an educator who loves to play! She has never quite grown up herself and wants to inspire parents, tutors and teachers to help kids learn through tabletop games.

Mark Iradian headshot

Mark Iradian

Writer, board gamer, video gamer, and terrible cyclist. Tends to give too many details about what he likes and dislikes. Armed with bad opinions about everything.

Thomas Wells headshot

Thomas Wells

I am a writer, budding board game designer, and grumpy old man. Also the Chief blowhard at Top 3 Things. I’m enthusiastic about Star Trek, Doctor Who, rap, and my blind dog. Portland, OR.

Tyler Williams

Tyler Williams

A masters student, crazy cat dad and avid board gamer. If it’s on Kickstarter or has minis you can bet Tyler has seen it, played it or wants to give it a try!

Past Contributors

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